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Nikon D50 Camera

Product Review of the Nikon D50 Camera

The Nikon D50 is the best camera I have owned yet. This camera has 50mm lens for car photos Starting with a discarded Brownie, I have owned a number of cameras over the years.

The Nikon D50 originally was priced at about $580.00 for the body only. Packaged with a nice 18-55mm DX Zoom Nikkor lens it was listed at $699.00. I did not wait for the prices to come down. I had to have this camera.

Prices for the Nikon D50 now list closer to $300.00 on the internet. These are pretty good prices but they may come without an opportunity to buy insurance.

The body of the Nikon D50 digital camera looks like a regular 35mm camera body. The number of knobs, buttons and switches gives away that there is much more to this camera. It is designed to take a range of lenses, both automatic and manual. I haven’t yet tried the manual lenses on my camera but I have used my electronic lenses in manual mode.

The camera’s auto-focus capabilities work with the electronic lens which comes in handy in most situations. When auto-focusing is a bad idea the camera has a nice little switch on the front just to the left of the lens. This switch allows the photographer to switch into the manual mode I referred to before.

I am not that good at reading manuals, at least not until I have reached a level of frustration with ruined pictures. I like to take all kinds of pictures. Right out of the box I was doing great on taking people pictures, though the flash bothered some folks. I was getting good pictures with nary a shadow. Then one day I discovered that there is a little button on the left front that can be depressed and with a little twist of the knob on the top right you can turn the flash on or off. It is just a dandy. Now I don’t blind anyone unless that was the plan.

As one of those folks that loves gadgets and gizmos on my car, the same can be said of my cameras. This camera has so many settings that I find out something new each time I go out to shoot things. Since I go out shooting nearly every day; I get to learn something new pretty often.

When I finally stumble really badly trying to find a feature, I visit the site of Ken Rockwell. Unlike us amateurs, he is a professional who shares his knowledge of this particular camera. I can usually find out enough to continue to dig myself in a little deeper.

I often take long hikes of five miles or more. This is when the relatively light weight of the box comes in handy. After a few miles even a light weight box and lens can get to feeling a bit heavy.

The camera is reasonably rugged, but it is a good idea to buy the insurance when you purchase it, assuming you buy it from a retailer. A friend of mine bought the same body and almost immediately it took a tumble. The insurance kicked right in.

Pictures I have taken with the camera can be seen on many of the articles I write. At this point I have used the camera to take landscapes, portraits, action scenes, birds, foliage, buildings, wood grains; insect close ups and church meetings.

The best things about this camera is its relatively light weight, the ability to use a range of lens (I use Macro, Telephoto and the standard 18-55mm), the relative cost in relation to other professional quality cameras, the huge number of features (though these can be disconcerting at times) and the generally rugged build.

The negatives for this camera would fall in the potential complexity the photographer might experience (This is not a simple camera) and the vast array of features which might not be needed. These are relatively minor issues of developing user skills.

If you enjoy playing with the box and all the gizmos, this is a camera that you will love. In addition to the gadgets, with 6.1 mega pixels it produces outstanding pictures with very vivid colors. I have to reduce most of mine by eighty percent just to ship them to the web.

The camera comes with an SD card which is sort of small for someone who will be taking a lot of pictures. I replaced mine with a gigabyte card and two back up cards. Each card gives one about six hundred full size pictures.

If you just want to shoot easy snapshots for 4×6 prints, this is too much camera. There are a lot of good alternatives that are less expensive and less complex.


10 Must-Read Books For Seniors

There are so many books on the market, but what kind of book you like is defined by the age group you are in. priorities and likes change as one grows old. Many books are considered the best choice for seniors, but it will also depend on your personal choice. Experiences have a direct impact on one’s life, and this is also what makes our likes.

 Invisible (Ivy Malone Mysteries #1):

The book is based around Ivvy Malone who has a habit of getting into trouble. She soon realizes that she can escape the public eye. Ivvy launches her investigation when the vandals appear on the scene stomping through the local cemetery. Initially, she fails to come up with something concrete, but as soon as she discovers something unusual, she puts herself to work again.

The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared

Alan didn’t want his one-hundredth birthday party. He is waiting for the party where the Mayor is going to come. The press will be there, but he slowly reaches the window and climbs out of it on the Flowerbed. His later journey involves criminals, several murders, and a lot of excitement.

The Old Man and the Sea

The Old Man and the Sea:

The story is about a Cuban fisherman and his struggle in the sea. It makes the 20th-century classic, and the story progresses through the battle of the fisherman against a Giant Marlin.

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close:

Nine-year-old Oskar Schell is everything that a child wishes to be. He is an inventor, a Francophile, letter writer, pacifist, natural historian, Great explorer, collector of butterflies, and many more. Tragedy falls on Oskar when his father is killed in the September 11 World Trade Center attacks. He sets out to solve the mystery of the key that he finds in his father’s closet.

 Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand

The book has dealt with the image very clearly. One of the characters that steal your heart is Major Pettigrew who is one of the indelible characters in the book. He is a retired Major.

The Little Old Lady Who Broke All the Rules

79-year-old Martha Anderson doesn’t want to spend the rest of her life in an armchair. She wants to embark on an exciting journey. She dreams of escaping her care home, and rob a bank. She is accompanied by her four friends.

Prime of Life:

Ben is the janitor in a retirement home which he calls “Heaven can wait a little longer while I golf”. Nobody knows that Ben was a cardiothoracic surgeon, not a broom-pushing custodian.

Driving Miss Norma: One Family’s Journey Saying “Yes” to Living

Miss Norma was diagnosed with uterine cancer, and the doctors have advised her to go through a lot of surgeries, but she has no plans of spending life on a hospital bed. She rose to her full height and told the doctor “I’m ninety years old. I’m hitting the road”.


 The Things We Keep

The story revolves around the early stages of Alzheimer’s that Anna Foster is suffering from. She is at an early stage, and only thirty-eight years old. There is only one resident her age, Luke. Both are living in an assisted living facility.

 A Man Called Ove:

Ove has principles and a strict routine. He is called the Bitter neighbor as he doesn’t walk around with a smile. He would point at people he dislikes. He finds his world turned upside down when a young family moves in the next door.


Likes change as one grows old. There are books that you can read at a certain point in time, as the story and life preferences matter.