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Journey Of Learning.

The Freedom of Forest Kindergarten - Erin Kenny

The Journey of learning and exploring is something which cannot be stopped, as it goes on throughout life. So come aboard with Erin Kenny as she takes you into a world you’ve never seen before.

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“As authors, we spend hours writing and creating things for the world of literature. But we will not reach heights if we were all alone in this path. So thanks to websites like Book Bitz for keeping the art of reading alive and kicking”.

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book Reviews

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Air Conditioner

2019 Best Central Air Conditioner Brands

There are many qualities of a central AC that needs to be considered before buying some of the basic five traits are

  • Quality components as it helps the customer understand the products required for your AC to perform its best.
  • Durability needs to be considered as the repairs of an AC can put a dent in your bank for up to $200 and these repairs bills can be harmful.
  • Good warranties offers long coverage which is not just an issue that needs to be discussed but also reviewed with different brands for optimal comfort.
  • Value for your money is important when buying a central AC


Some of the best brands which carry the criteria required to have the best central AC includes



Heil AC works in all the categories above mentioned and the components used in Heil includes a highly rated cope-land compressor which can need repairs. It has a warranty of 10 years. Heil has a complete line of central air conditioners which has a range of basic to advanced models. It has a Heil unit replacement warranty and the replacements for the entire air conditioner is available. The features might look less significant and efficient but the build is quite durable and also comes with advanced options for communicating technology and WiFi connectivity.

Goodman Central Air conditioner

A name known for decades in AC industry is goodman as they provide cheap equipments with greater warranties which makes the brand much more reliable. The compressors used in many models of these AC can have a lifetime warranty and replacements can be done in the first 10 years. It has a new ComfortBridge communicating technology which can be split in the systems furnace, for more best central air conditioner recommendations keep on reading.

Daikin Central Air conditioner

Daikin is one of the largest manufacturers of AC equipments. Daikin has a complete line of ductless, mini split air conditioners with indoor units. It has a 12 year warranty for parts and has a unit replacement warranty for up to 12 years as well. It has a mini split system air conditioners which can help you save energy as well as help you save some money.

Maytag central air conditioner

One of the most overlooked brand for best casement window air conditioner brands in the industry is Maytag. It has some of the most amazing blends of benefits which is high quality and has universal components, if repairs are required. They have a warranty period of 12 years for all the parts as well as compressor fails. The model has enough cover which can cover the ground from single stage air conditioners with variable capacity.

Beading Techniques

5 Beading Techniques & Patterns For Beginners

If you are serious about the craft of making beads but you are just beginning, you may be wondering how to develop tips for beading that shows your style. There is only one way to build your technique, and that is by just doing designs of over and over again. You may not even be sure of the type of style that you want to specialize in. Let look at 10 Techniques & Patterns for beading For Beginners.

The peyote is known for its use in making decorations for things used in peyote ceremonies or to hold gourds. To use beads that are old or even in a row makes this technique popular and can weave with flat strips into shapes which are round. Currently, they are common in making earring, cuff and ring.

A stitch that is similar has the name of brick. So-called because you lay them much like layering blocks on a wall that is similar to the peyote stitch, but shifted 90 degrees.

The square join is one of the strongest in beadwork because each is connected to the four that surround it. Similar to loomed beadwork this mend can be seen in clothes and belts as well as cuffs. It is a unique addition to your technique for beading toolbox.

Another quite important stitch is the herringbone stitch. Used to connect clusters of seed tightly and securely together one can make any specific figure of projects from necklaces and bracelets to coin purses. Enabling you to create patterns within patterns, different shapes and objects is a must-have skill for any maker of the jewelry.

Finally, the Pondo mend or African circle is also used in the making of the modern jewel. It is usually of just two different colors this weaving of the bead technique is still used to make some decorations. Beading can also be summer fun for preschoolers.