Where have all the new reviews been?

Let’s just say that while doctor’s offices and hospitals make fine places for *reading* books, they are not particularly conducive to writing book reviews. Over the past couple of months I have read some truly inspiring works of fiction (and a couple of great non-fiction) and now that life is settling down a bit I’ll […]

by Peter Watts

Peter Watts is a hard sf writer with degrees in biology – and it shows in his work. His treatment of zombies and vampires takes them out of the fantasy realm and into the future, giving us plenty of reason to fear what is to come. But they are really just background – furniture to […]

A Turn of Light
by Julie E. Czerneda

My favourite science fiction author has turned her hand to fantasy. So what do I feel? Excitement? Eager anticipation? No. The absolute devastation that accompanies horrified betrayal!!! Why, you may ask? I have followed Ms. Czerneda’s work since her tentative but competent first steps in A Thousand Words For Stranger to her latest, Rift in […]

Tombstone Blues
by Chackwick Ginther

In this second book of the Thunder Road Trilogy, Ted Callan is getting used to his dwarf-given powers and may even be said to be enjoying them. Reading Tombstone Blues is like getting a crash course in Norse mythology, but it is so well written that you don’t feel like you are being schooled. The […]

Red Planet Blues
by Robert J. Sawyer

So, confessions first: I’m a huge Rob Sawyer fan, I love everything about Mars, and I kept putting off buying or reading this book. Why? All of the copy out there talks about it as a detective novel. I don’t care if it’s set on Mars or not – I’m just not into detective novels. […]

And the award goes to . . . .

It’s that time of year again – award’s season. The Hugo nominees have been announced and, in Canada, the Prix Aurora Award nominees have been announced. For those who have voting privileges this means (potentially) a lot of reading. At least, to my mind, voting responsibly means having read all of the nominees. The Auroras […]