Tombstone Blues
by Chackwick Ginther

TombstoneBluesIn this second book of the Thunder Road Trilogy, Ted Callan is getting used to his dwarf-given powers and may even be said to be enjoying them.

Reading Tombstone Blues is like getting a crash course in Norse mythology, but it is so well written that you don’t feel like you are being schooled. The plot moves along nicely, and even if you haven’t read the previous book (Thunder Road) there is more than enough information to play catch up without a lot of unnecessary exposition.

This may only be Ginther’s second novel, but he writes it like a pro. Ted has a clear voice that comes through loud and clear. His often tumultuous relationship with his girlfriend Tilda is portrayed with sensitivity, especially when she becomes pregnant and then loses the baby. Their post-baby relationship is not just a Disney-esque cliche.

This bold urban fantasy wreaks havoc all over Winnipeg, demolishing the Manitoba Legislative Building and traversing the rainbow bridge through Union Station as Ted and Tilda (a Norn, or witch) try to prevent Hel, the goddess of the dead, from breaking through to Midgard (Earth). Your view of elves will never be the same (no fair Legolas in this book!), and Thor wants his damned hammer back, thank-you-very-much!

If you’re not a big fan of sleep, go ahead and crack the cover – you’ll be too caught up in the story by the second chapter to want to put it down!

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